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How Tea Can Help You Reach Your New Year’s Resolutions

John Grams

New Years resolutions and tea

It’s that time of year – the real New Year’s Resolution time. Not when you proclaim a resolution to a forgetful world, but when the excitement of achieving that healthy goal wears down to tedium and apathy. When the going gets hard.

My resolution this year is the classic “lose those extra pounds from Christmas.” I’m not morbidly obese, and I do exercise. But I like my sweets (and cheese and bread) a little too much. I also have better things to spend money on than larger pants. Like my beautiful wife.

For the first two weeks it’s easy to keep a resolution. But after Jan 21, one loses energy. Your peers forget their resolutions. It gets harder to fight a grumbling stomach and easier to slip back into delicious bad habits.

Thankfully, there’s tea to the rescue.

Tea helps one keep a ritual. To help anchor the day with healthy habits instead of filling one’s hand with a belt expanding treat.

Tea helps fill the belly. It helps one look past the pit in the stomach to the tasks at hand.

Tea gives one the energy to get off the couch and chase goals. But thanks to the lower amount of caffeine and the presence of other beneficial compounds in the beverage, the energy boost from the tea doesn’t desert 20 minutes into a task or distract.

And perhaps most importantly, a cup of tea gives a pause to the day. A moment to reflect on what needs to be done in the morning, or what one has accomplished with their day in the evening. Tea helps me realize how far I have already come in achieving my goals and makes miniature what needs to be done.

To everybody who is still striving for their resolutions, congratulations on making it as far as you have. For those who have dropped their resolutions, any day is a good day to pick them back up.

And for everyone out there trying to do better, be better, or just see something done—make sure you get a cup of tea!

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