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Our Teas


Assam Orthodox Teas

Whole Leaf Black Teas, Malty, Bold Assams, known for

their rich flavor and unique golden tips.

Orthodox Assams come in different grades, based on the size and shape of the leaf.


Assam CTC Teas

Crush-Tear-Curl teas, a specialty of Assam. These are the preferred teas in India.

They make for strong, smooth, bold cups of chai!

Mana Organics Assam Green Tea SUPERTWIST

Assam Green Teas

We produce unique Sencha Style Green teas-- 

steamed and rolled in the Japanese way, using Assamica tea leaves.

The teas are buttery, mellow, with a slight punch and sweet after taste. 


Small Batch Premium Teas

A collection of our speciality teas which we make in small quantities.

These teas celebrate the unique diversity of Assam teas.

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